Good news. Just this week, 30 homeowners in your area decided to spend big money to upgrade their home. Next week 30 more will pull out their checkbook. That’s good news, but how do you identify them quickly and get them to consider your company for the job? Here’s more good news: we know who they are, how to reach them, and can get your company information in their hands ASAP!


Decision-Point Marketing

Let’s face it – homeowners are likely to go a decade in between periods of significant spending on their homes. Why spend 90% of your marketing budget reaching people who aren’t mentally ready to consider using your services? Concentrate your budget on reaching only those people who have already decided to upgrade or remodel their home.


Steady Flow of New Customer Leads for your Business

Targeted Mailings is laser focused on two groups of people who are ready to spend money: Buyers of existing homes and those pulling high-dollar construction permits. There’s a new batch every week, so we mail your information every week. We also reach each prospect on 3 separate occasions to be sure they get your message!


A Turn-Key Marketing Program on Autopilot

Best of all, this program is effortless for you. We filter all the homebuyer and remodeler data so that you only reach prospects meeting your ideal profile. You’ve got a business to run, so we take care of everything. Just answer the phone when a hot lead calls in!


Opulent Marketing / Tight-wad budget

Affluent homeowners need to be impressed, and you’ll impress them with high quality, highly personalized materials. But because you are “micro marketing” your costs will stay surprisingly reasonable.


We Work on your Marketing - While you Work on your Business

We become your personal, behind the scenes, marketing team. We help identify your target market and then design an appropriate marketing message. We then manage the entire process without any additional effort on your part.

We provide a turn-key solution for your company:


1.    We work with you to target a specific geographic area

2.    We help you define a specific demographic

3.    We consult with you on your business

4.    We design your direct mail marketing card

5.    We print a full-color, 2-sided mail piece

6.    We address, post, and mail your information

7.    We provide you the mailing list for your records

8.    We provide an online dashboard to track your campaign

9.    You reap the business from a turn-key program


To find out how many people bought expensive homes in your county last month, and how many are doing remodels in the higher 5-figures, complete this quick survey or call (888) 224-1430. We'll also give you a no‑obligation price quote.